Booklit is a static-site generator where the content is king.

Content is organized as a tree of sections. Each section controls whether its sub-sections should render inline or on their own pages. Header sizes are set intelligently, so you're not spending your time adjusting <h1>s to <h2>s.

Linking within your content is done by referencing tags, rather than hardcoding URLs. An error will be raised if any references are broken.

Plugins bring \functions to your content, allowing you to write with abstractions, not just markup. As patterns emerge, you can give them meaningful names.

Presentation is separated from prose by having an explicit rendering stage. With the HTML renderer, you can bring your own templates and control exactly how everything should look.

This website is written with Booklit. The source is available on GitHub under docs/lit. To learn how to start writing your own stuff, head to Getting Started!